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Project Selection

Project selection especially in the beginning of 6 sigma and lean deployment can give you hard time.


You most probably have not enough data or do not know where to look for it.

You do not have trained or experienced 6 Sigma and Lean Champions either.

And if it goes wrong with project selection, it can undermine the whole 6 Sigma and lean deployment.


But there is no need to worry.  Based on our experience, we can help you to identify projects with maximum success probability.  We shall take into account your financial expectations from a project.  We shall also help to scope the projects so that they can be managed as learning projects by your Green Belts and Black Belts.


Successful deployments begin with an understanding of what areas within the business are struggling to meet performance goals in the standard areas of cost, capacity and time.  Determining the current performance levels and setting goals for improvement are accomplished through an On-site Assessment coupled with Value Stream Assessment.  The On-site Assessment provides insight to the current directions of the business and business metrics employed.  The Value Stream Assessment provides detailed metric data for the processes within the business for use in aligning with projects.


Project Selection and Chartering is a critical factor in a successful deployment.  The Primary Objective of the Champion Deployment Workshop is a prioritized project list with the top priority projects chartered and ready to be worked.  Once the projects are selected, project leaders are identified and readied for training.



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