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How to be an Effective Leader

Our program focus on the success of Leaders and the Effectiveness of Organizations.  We create leaders who deliver results.  They can:

  • Foster and fully utilize the intelligence of a team
  • Inspire and focus genuine commitment toward a common goal
  • Deploy well-structured projects that coordinate and integrate team action
  • Hold people responsible for delivering results

 This is a 2-day programme.  The program will catapult your team to the next level and strengthen your team leadership skills by learning how to:

  • Apply effective communication techniques to successfully achive your team leadership objectives
  • Successfully motivate your team members to boost productivity
  • Delegate your workload by empowering and maximising the performance of your team members
  • Successfully develop a strong team leadership reputation and earn your team's respect and trust
  • Design and implement an effective coaching and mentoring process
  • Implement proven decision-making techniques by applying the DMAIC methodology

Day 1

Topics include:

  • Overview of Effective Leaders
    • Effective Leadership Traits
    • DMAIC Model in Problem Solving
    • DMAIC Model in Effective Coaching
  • Challenging the Process
    • Introduction of Six Sigma
    • Infrastructure of an Effective Organization
    • How Six Sigma DMAIC Model achieve breakthrough results

Day 2

Topics include:

  • Inspiring a shared vision
    • Understand the difference between a company vision and a personal vision
    • Set up SMART goal
  • Enabling others to act
    • Understand Communication Style
    • Empathetic Listening Skills
    • Reframing

Who should attend:

Senior management, team leaders, supervisiors, assistant managers, managers, line managers, team managers, heads of department, HR managers and all parties who are interested in coaching people for results

Your Facilitators:

Dr Rita Wan, Six Sigma Master Black Belt, 7 Habit Qualified Facilitator
Ms Clara Yuen, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Certified NLP Coach, Registered Hypnotherapist


Please contact us at or Tel: 2135-9687 for details







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