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Energized Employee Orientations/Team Renewal

This workshop module focuses on improving group interaction, increasing the familiarity among team members, and providng a venue for focused networking.  Often referred to as "getting-to-know-you" workshops, it is critical to a team stability to visit common themes and articulate a unified purpose, and to fully integrate new members that may have recently joined the organization.  Workshops review past accomplishments and plan future action items with important steps for a team's overall growth and effectiveness.

This workshop module is typically delivered in either a 4-hour or 8-hour format.  AC&A adjusts the content based on the specific requirements of each client, adpating language and content to meet predetermined goals and expectations.

High energy, dynamic work groups such as sales forces, construction crews, marketing teams, consulting groups and other fast-pased professionals enjoy this training format. 

This workshop enhances communication, fosters insights to individual's thoughts and motivations, revisits company purpose and values, and provides a positive environment for process improvement.  It is a great addition to annual or regional conferences, new employee orientations, regional retreats, or employee recruitment invitation days.





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