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High Performance Teams

This workshop focuses on a model of seven stages of growth necessary for an effective team:  Orientation, Trust, Goal/Role Clarification, Commitment, Implementation, High Performance, and Renewal.  The AC&A workshop in the High Performance Team introduces these stages of growth, and examines behaviors common to each development stage.  Whether these behaviors are resolved or unresolved can be a telling instrument for evaluating a team's current effectiveness.

AC&A trainers utilize experience-based learning exercises to reinforce the stages for the development of a high performance team.  Finally, the team plans action items and plots out its future growth.  Participants walk away with a clear understanding of the evolutionary model of a high performance team and assessment tools which may be implemented immediately on the job.  They retain a worksheet outlining the model for future reference, and complete a follow up exercise 30 days after the training, which ensures content retention and follow through.

The workshop will be delivered in a 6-8 hour format.



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