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Every organization today is looking to the future and plotting business strategies for the next 1, 3, 5, or 10 years.  The old statement that "Today's goals are tomorrow's standards" has given way to "Today's assets are tommorrow's liabilities."  Organizations are looking forward to virtual offices, virtual team interaction, and customer-driven delivery.  The Internet and the shifting value from goods and services to information commodities demands a new way of conducting business.  An organization's strategies need to address the dynamic changes happening on an increasingly shorter change horizon.

This workshop module focuses on effective business planning and improving individual flexibility as well as embracing technology and viewing changes as opportunities rather than obstacles.  While this appears to be common sense, individuals are creatures of habit.  Being ready for the future requires proactive thinking couped with real time practice on new models of thinking.  This is a fresh twist to "thinking outside the box" or "working smarter, not harder."

Executive level management and division directors will benefit most from this workshop.

AC&A trainers facilitate interactive discussion, process mapping, problem solving exercises, and exercises in envisioning the future.



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